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Foraged seafood

Coastal Foraging (Extreme Low Tides)

Every year, there are a handful of amazing tidal events where the tide is so low it uncovers areas of the coast only seen a few times per year. We call this, an "Extreme Low Tide" These are greatly anticipated occasions for the coastal forager, as the areas we usually can't get to are uncovered, giving us a the ability to see sub-tidal land and lifeforms we rarely get a chance to see on a normal trip to the coast. It also poses the best opportunity for forging some deeper water species such as lobsters, razor clams & big juicy mussels.

£100 per person | Adults 16+


**These courses are separate from our traditional Coastal Foraging courses which run all year round. The Extreme low tide courses are open to all, which is a great way to meet like minded people. However, if you have a large group, you can request it as a private booking.  

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