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Join professional forager Dan Moar and his handsome canine companion Moose, for 2-3 hours exploring the beautiful rocks shores of our coastline, in search of this often underrated wild food.

Pembrokeshire has a long history of harvesting seaweed, whether to feed us, our livestock and even our garden soil. Some species are fantastic raw, others dried, fried, roasted, pickled and even distilled. There are some truly passionate local artisans who have really given seaweed a place on the menu, especially when it comes to the alcoholic drink scene. 

Our favourite rum Barti Spiced is lovingly created using laver seaweed by Barti Rum.

Our favourite gin Coastal Gin is distilled using eggwrack seaweed by Still Wild.

There was even Kelp Beer created by our friend Matt Powell at Annwn Restaurant,

 sadly the brewery they were in collaboration with has since closed down.


The day will begin with meeting your guide at in a specially selected pre-determined time and location, governed by the tides that dayOnce the introductions are out of the way, you will start by exploring the upper foreshore, following the tide out as it drops. You will learn how to identify each species and the ones best left where they are.

You will have plenty of opportunity to hone your skills as a seaweed forager as you learn how, where and when to sustainably harvest the most sought after seaweed around.

You will cover the following topics:

Wild Edible Seaweeds - Seaweeds to avoid - Seaweed Identification tips  

Sustainable Foraging - Habitat Identification - The Law & Foraging

The session timings are dictated by the low tide times, you can request dates and we will check the tides for you.


You will be provided with all necessary foraging equipment, but please read the required kit list below!

  • Robust closed toe footwear with good tread, suitable for the weather and landscape

Wellies / Waders are ideal or trainers during summer - No crocs, flip flops or sandals please!

  • Weather appropriate clothing (remember we are in Wales)

  • Any medication you may require i.e Asthma pumps, Epi pens etc.

  • Something to drink (wild foods can have some strong flavours)


Please note that a fair level of physical fitness will be required, as we can expect to cover a few miles during the courses. For groups with mobility restrictions, please email for a tailor made course.

Also, please be aware public facilities are not available at the second location. If they are required for medical reasons we can facilitate that by selecting a suitable location. 

Adults 16+ £65 | Under 16's FREE

The course is open to people of all ages, however due to the challenging terrain it is

better suited to older children.

 Well Behaved Dogs Welcome | T & C

Coastal Foraging


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